Matthew Ritchie

Matthew Ritchie (b. 1964 in London) is a major artist who currently lives and works in New York City. His large, colorful installations grandly attempt to depict the universe and how we visualize it while utilizing influences from and referencing Judaeo-Christian religion, occult practices, Gnostic traditions, and scientific elements and principles. ( Although drawing seems to be the main underlying element of his work, the digital aspect of his art comes in when “He scans his drawings into the computer so that images can be blown up, taken apart, made smaller or three-dimensional, re-shaped, transformed into digital games, or given to someone else to execute.” (

I particularly love the abstracted qualities to Ritchie’s art. On another note, I read in my research that Ritchie was influenced by Minimalism and totally didn’t see it at first after first seeing his swirling, complex drawings. Though after taking a more complete look at his oevure I definitely observe that influence. I’m particularly interested in his endless drawing project, a work in progress which contains everything he draws. I wonder if this project takes the form of a file he stores digitally. If so, how big would it be!?

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