Robin Rhode

Robin Rhode was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1976. He currently resides in Berlin, Germany. Rhode’s digital work takes the form of photography, photography sequences, and digital animations that frequently feature the use of charcoal, chalk, and paint. A common theme throughout his work is the illusionary use of charcoal, chalk, and paint drawings to create implied movement. Concrete street scenes are a reoccurring motif in his work as well. Many of these street scenes are images taken in his native Cape Town where the artist often visits and works. This setting is fitting for his work because much of Rhode’s oevure contains subject matter that deals with the current pertinent and pressing social issues of South Africa (and the world in general) including poverty and racial inequality. There is also a fun, playful aspect to his work as well.

Rhode’s artwork is a highly-successful combination of a street-art influence and his unique views on perspective, illusion, and society. The complexity exhibited in the combination of multiple mediums in one piece is a major factor in making his work stand out and be innovative. Through researching digital artists this semester, I have found that employing multiple mediums and media in one piece is a common practice among digital artists.

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