Paul Pfeiffer

Paul Pfeiffer is a New York-based digital artist born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1966. He works in video, sculpture, and photography. The main, overarching theme of Pfeiffer’s art is an examination of the way in which mass media shapes consciousness. His Art:21 biography states that his “intimate and idealized video works are meditations on faith, desire, and a contemporary culture obsessed with celebrity.” A representative example of his oeuvre is his series The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a collection of photographs of NBA games in which the contextual clues of the basketball game and all the players except one are edited out. He usually presents his pieces looped on small LCD screens.

I admire Paul Pfeiffer’s art. One bit of information that I repeatedly came across in my research was the fact that his work is incredibly labor intensive and time consuiming. With current digital technology it seems that great visual effect can be achieved with minimal work on the part of the artist. Not only are Pfeiffer’s pieces insightful meditations on our technology and celebrity-obsessed culture, they are also intricate, highly-worked pieces of art.

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